The Name

Merriam-Webster describes Serendipity as ‘the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; an instance of this’.

Sounds fancy, but let’s just think of it as a long-drawn-out way of describing a series of pleasant or happy events that happen somehow ‘by chance’. Just completely unexpected good things. I really like that concept. A really wise mentor of mine always says to speak what you want. And I want to be more positive, I want to see the good in any situation, and I want to see the good in people. More importantly, rather than thinking about impending doom, worrying about tomorrow, and completely overlooking the many strokes of Serendipity that occur in my life, I would rather practice an attitude of gratitude for all the great things God is doing (and will soon do) in my life. So while the word does mean things are happening “by chance”, I like to believe everything is happening on purpose with a purpose.

As for the ‘and such’, that’s just a weird speech pattern of mine when I can’t be bothered to list more things. It’s also a perfect way to describe the hodgepodge nature of this blog because, Dear God, it is going to be so hodgepodge for the time being.

Who Are You?

My name is Raven and I have a thing for words. I’ve loved writing ever since I was a child–whether it was short story fiction or journaling, I have always found it easier to articulate myself via the written word. I reside in the Northern Virginia area with my husband Shaquan and our dog Tyson! I am a Christian, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of references to the Bible (it’s gonna be great, I promise).

My interests include but are not limited to faith and spirituality, linguistics, food, film, creative writing, reading, self-improvement, personal growth, self-care, and music.

You may or may not see some of my other work floating around the internet. In addition to running this blog, I also contribute to The Ghetto Activist, a blog dedicated to pro-blackness and educating the masses to counter 400+ years of misinformation. I also take time to self-publish and contribute to online publications such as Medium. If you’re interested in seeing some other varied topics from me, feel free to click here!

I have a number of things I want to accomplish within my lifetime (sooner rather than later). One of them is financial independence. While I didn’t grow up with the desire to become the richest person on the planet, I do have a strong desire to live life on my own terms without worrying if I have enough PTO to do it. In addition to this, I would also love to provide a comfortable life for my parents, whose wisdom and guidance molded me into the person I am today. I also want to become a person of influence and create a positive impact on others (no matter how ‘small’ it may be).

What’s Your Deal with Balloons?

If you’re wondering why this blog’s main imagery is a balloon, it’s simply because I adore them. There’s something about seeing big, bright balloons that put me in a better state of mind. I love the way they look when they make an accidental journey through a clear blue sky. And I have also come to find out that there is a spiritual meaning behind balloons. They represent our aims, objectives, and dreams in life. They also reflect the strong urge from within to let go–whether it be our fears, our sorrow, or our past.

But more importantly, I’ve come to realize that, in this world of negativity, I want this blog to be a shiny pink balloon in the sky. In other words, Serendipity & Such is a blog dedicated to personal growth and positive development. It is about taking a hold of our dreams while simultaneously letting go of our fears and doubts that weigh us down. Together, let’s embrace the unexpected, find value in the struggle, grow from the experience, and learn along the way.

Welcome to Serendipity & Such!



  1. Hello! Iโ€™m writing an article for Film Daily that brings up one of your works, โ€œKhalil Wheeler-Weaver and the Absence of Sympathy for Black Womenโ€. Could I just confirm your pronouns for when I mention the article?


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