What This Is (and What it Isn’t)

Hello Readers,

That was pretty formal. Welcome to the first post. I’m Raven and after some contemplating, I’ve decided that I want to get this blog off the back burner and actually do something with it. I’ll save a lot of the “introduction” information, that’s more in line with the ‘About’ page.

So rather than parroting the About page, I wanted to go over some things to expect and also what you shouldn’t expect.

This Is….

  • Personal Growth – I can’t honestly say I’ve been putting in time and effort into my writing like I had hoped. I think this would be a great way to not only get back into the habit, but to also express myself on a number of topics the way that I want to.
  • Reading/Writing – I plan to talk about books here quite a bit. Books that I’ve read that I’ve really enjoyed and maybe want to share with others. I’ll also likely be talking about the process of writing and how wonderful it can be sometimes when it feels like it.
  • Music – While R&B is my bread&butter (See what I did there?) I like to listen to a variety of genres. I will likely share what kind of music I’m listening to, information about that music artist, and if the song is not in English I will do a little explanation about what that song is about.
  • Belief  – I am a Christian. There will be Biblical references here and there depending on the topic in question. And that’s fine. It’s actually more than fine, it’s pretty great, 10/10 would recommend Jesus.
  • Commentary – The world is in an interesting state of affairs (as always). Sometimes I don’t have much to contribute to the conversation, and other times I do. This is when things get a little hodgepodge; maybe I’ll want to talk about a great movie I viewed, maybe I’ll want to talk about an ongoing social issue, it will definitely vary.


This is NOT….

  • An Emotional Dumpster – While I’m not going to completely close myself off, this isn’t a place where I’ll be putting out all of my business and/or dirty laundry. I’m keeping this place as positive as possible and I’m just a firm believer in not putting all of my personal affairs on the internet for the world to see.
  • My Google Doc – or a place where I’ll be putting a bunch of creative writing pieces. An excerpt here and there, but nothing extensive. That’s better left in the hands of a publishing company.
  • A Conservative Blog – I find that a lot of people tend to see Conservative and Christian as one in the same. This notion is false, you can most certainly identify with one and not the other. Most commentary that I supply will likely not be very conservative and I’m not looking for this to get overly political in the first place.


That should cover it, I’m not that complicated. I hope this gives a better idea of what direction this all may go. In any case, I hope to learn a lot through this experience and maybe people are interested in this experience as well. Welcome to Serendipity & Such!



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